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Matchless Transportation Testimonials


Matchless Transportation is properly named as there is no one who can match your service. Your company was the reason why 18 of us had the greatest bachelor weekend of our lives! I was sceptical at first providing your company with my itinerary and requests. The requests were lengthy and the multitude of pick up times and locations was cumbersome at best. Not only did you meet my challenge with ease but you seemed to one up me every step of the way. The attention to detail and desire to go above and beyond at every turn was truly remarkable!

Your business is exceptional Dianne and you will have many years of success if you keep this up!! Thanks for being awesome and making our weekend the best that it could be.

All the best,

-- Kent Willmore
AGI Invest Properties Canada, Inc.

I wanted to tell you what a wonderful surprise it was for Katie and John to walk out and find the Jaguar! They looked at us with such excitement! The care was beautiful as David took some great pictures of it. Your offering to upgrade us was so nice and we truly appreciate it. Thank you for making their day that much better! I look forward to working with you again.

-- Connie Jun

Thanks you so much for all your wonderful help & service at our NCA Conference last week!! You guys rock and your drivers could not have been nicer and more professional . . . it was a great experience from door to door and I will definitely recommend Matchless next time I have a client in Nashville!!

Thanks again,

-- Pat Brengman
Vice President, NCA
Concierge & Front Desk Manager of the Minneapolis Club


We had a wonderful time in Nashville thanks, in large part, to you and your staff. The airport transportation was flawless and the tour was the highlight of our stay in Nashville. It seems that you genuinely enjoy exceeding the expectations of your clients.

After our tour on Wednsday, there was a blackout at our hotel. No one knew how long the power was going to be out. Even though we didn't really know a soul in Nashville, I was confident that with one phone call to you we could be rescued, if necessary. We don't usually have this peace of mind when we travel. Please accept our sincere thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon.

-- Peter, Meryl and Bob Rosenthal

Diane, this is to thank you for the delicious strawberries and the offer of service. I appreciate the comfort level your excellent staff provides us in knowing our guests will be handled in a very professional manner. You run an excellent business in a field where I have found no one that even approaches you in service, staff or integrity. It is a pleasure to know you and Peter and the rest of your fellow workers. Sincerely,

-- David Andrews, Concierge

The Hermitage Hotel
231 Sixth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219

Recently, I had the opportunity and challenge of arranging for limousine transportation for my daughter's Junior/Senior Prom. Thinking I had all arrangements lined up in plenty of time, I found myself the week of the event learning that my arrangements were with a very unreliable and unprofessional company.

In frantically contacting other companies, knowing I was asking for the impossible, I had the pleasure of experiencing a company that truly walks the QBQ talk! While they were booked for the evening, and a simple "We are booked" could have ended our conversation, this team quickly became a part of my family by "concerning" themselves with these kids' transportation and safety. I originally thought . . . Wow, how lucky for me to find an employee that is willing to go the extra step. By the end of the week, I had talked to three different people and received the exact same service! They reviewed their wedding parties that were booked for the evening, reviewed locations and options for multi-tasking their cars and drivers, communicated with me regularly, and even obtained more information about the location and event than I had received. They not only accommodated our needs but also saved us money and provided the parents the peace of mind that they were truly committed to a SAFE evening.

These folks are AWESOME!

(Diane, etc., . . . I don't know if you are familiar with QBQ, but you certainly do display the traits of what this company is all about. Thanks again for making Allison's prom SAFE!)

-- Marilyn Book Director, Fulfillment Operations

Dear Ms. Nesbitt:

Words cannot express our appreciation for your assistance several weekends ago. As you know, another limousine company cancelled a major contract for a wedding in which I was involved. Over 90 guests were depending on limousine service to the Church, to the reception, and back to the Hilton Hotel. Unfortunately, the parents of the bride made the mistake of dealing with a disreputable company.

On less than two hours' notice, you provided limousine service that should have taken weeks to prepare. Obviously, Matchless is a company with the highest order of professionalism and an absolute commitment to customer service.

As a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, I well understand the hospitality industry and its importance to a city's reputation. THe prior limousine company did everything imaginable to hurt the image of Nashville. Conversely, you and Matchless were unbelievable. Nashville is blessed to have a company such as yours. If you ever decide to open a branch office in New Orleans, I would be more than happy to open as many doors as I can for you.

Without your assistance, we would have had a disaster on our hands. Instead, on less that two hours' notice, you organized a complicated and extensive transportation system. Thanks to you and your company, everything went off virtually flawlessly. I cannot imagine very many companies who could have done what you did.

Let me assure you that any time I need limousine service in Nashville, or, I can recommend it to anyone else, I will turn to Matchless. Your company is, in fact, exactly what your name implies, "Matchless."

Very truly yours,

-- Wayne M. Babovich, Ph.D. Director, Fulfillment Operations

Hey Guys and Girls,

How many ways can I say WOW and what a wonderful job you did for my wedding party this weekend.

Having you do transportation was one of the best decisions the bride and groom made. With all the guests being from out of town . . . I can't tell you how many compliments "we" received on how wonderful it was just to "get on the bus" . . . and for me it was a great comfort being able to tell the families that guests were on the way . . . and also being able to tell the hotel catering dept. when guests were arriving at the hotel for the reception.

I also will remember how beautiful you all looked at the church with the vehicles all lined up--one behind the other with the drivers waiting for the guests. It certainly made a statement that someone special was getting married and . . . respected their guests enough to make sure they were well taken care of for the weekend and not lost in the city.

Yes, my feet are still getting over last night, but I didn't want to delay in telling you THANK YOU . . . you will certainly be a part of my presentation of suggestions to future Bride & Grooms.

Looking forward to our next event,

-- Gail Vandygriff
Wedding & Event Planner


I wanted to write and thank you for a WONDERFUL NIGHT! I appreciate your service, and the Jaguar was truly amazing. You really made it a special night, and one that I won't forget for a long time. You have special cars, and provide great moments for your clients. I want to thank you again, and please know that you, your cars, and the experiences you provide will be mentioned to anyone willing to listen!


--T.J. Anderson Village Real Estate Services

Dear Diane,

I have been meaning to write to you since my daughter's May 28 wedding for which your company provided bus transportation for all our guests from our church to the reception at The Hermitage Hotel. You and your company were so wonderful to work with and we were so pleased with your services. Thank you for all you did to make everything perfect. The wedding party just loved Darth Vader, (limousine coach) too. The guests all commented on how wonderful it was not to have to drive to the reception and find a place to park, and they loved being taken care of. Thank you, also, for the use of the Rolls Royce that the newlyweds departed in. It was beautiful and they enjoyed their spin around Nashville. Alice Hendry, our wedding planner, is always so complimentary of you and how well you take care of your clients. My husband and I look forward to using your company and its services in the future.


--Marlene Holmes

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